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The recent floods, cyclones and health emergencies including Nipah and Covid19 pandemic have necessitated community based volunteering to strengthen our social cohesion. Moved by the immense response of the civil society, the Government has decided to form the Directorate of Samoohika Sannadhasena also called Community Volunteer Corps, under the Department of General Administration for sustaining volunteerism as an asset of Kerala society. It is conceptualised as a ready to act community volunteer force in all crises of the society. To avail registration for the public, a web portal, www.sannadhasena.kerala.gov.in, is developed. Interested volunteers are inducted to assist the District Administration, LSGIs, State Forces, Forest Department, etc., during any adversity.

Normal course and specialized training is offered with prescribed syllabus, hence, making the civil society an inevitable part of the State Governance. Nodal Officers are appointed to coordinate Sannadhasena activities in each District. Sannadhasena is a unique initiative in the country.

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