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Vaathilppadi Sevanam

State Governance has always been evolving so as to provide all government services at the doorstep. In view of this, Vaathilppadi Sevanam is envisaged to provide the same at the doorstep of the deserved through ASHA workers and Sannadhasena Volunteers. It is an iconic scheme to be rolled out through the 100 day programs of the Government of Kerala.


      Elderly, who are 60+ of age
      Differently abled persons
      People under medical and palliative assistance
      Anyone with mobility restrictions

Services in Phase I

      Life Certificate
      Social Security Pension
      CMDRF Application
      Emergency Medicines

Nodal Department

The Department of Local Self Government (LSGD) will be the implementing agency / nodal department of this scheme.

Other Departments

      Department of Health
      Department of Social Justice
      Directorate of Samoohika Sannadhasena

Committees will be formed in each LSGIs to implement this scheme. These committees with the help of ASHA workers, Sannadhasena volunteers and the social justice department, will prepare the list of beneficiaries through house visits. ASHA workers will be the primary point of contact. Any beneficiary will contact the respective ASHA worker and Sannadhasena volunteers will assist in the delivery of services.

This is a unique scheme in the country as the Government Services are being delivered through a network of active volunteers, hence, imparting the concept of volunteerism in State Governance.

Vaathilppadi Sevanam will be implemented as a pilot project by mid - September, 2021 in 50 LSGIs across the State, including 4 Assembly Constituencies, namely, Azhikode, Pattambi, Changanassery and Kattakada. The Government is keen on a Statewide implementation by December this year.

Instructions to Volunteers for enrollment to Vaathilppadi Sevanam

This specialized year long civic engagement program has been envisaged to deliver Government Services at the doorstep of those who find it difficult to access government offices and services. Under the respective LSGIs, volunteers will be engaging with the marginalized sections of the society, like elderly, persons with disability, special needs, and people living in extreme poverty etc., giving you an immense opportunity to nurture humanity, leadership, coordination and social skills. It can act as a springboard for your career as a public servant.

      Age limit from 18 to 50 years old
      Preference shall be given to volunteers who are ready to serve continuously for at least next 6 months in the locality
      Since Vaathilppadi Sevenam involves the most vulnerable people in the Society, volunteers must be prepared to perform duties with utmost sincerity, empathy and compassion
      Volunteers should take utmost care to ensure the privacy of patients in need of health care medications
      Volunteers must be willing to work and coordinate with the Ward Member, LSG Officials, ASHA and Kudumbashree workers for Vaathilppadi Sevanam implementation
      Travelling and Incidental Expenses incurred by the volunteers during the period of service will be reimbursed by the respective local bodies
      Volunteers, who have already registered with Sannadhasena, after logging in, update your profile through ‘Vaathilppadi Sevanam’ menu. Click on ‘Register’ to register for Vaathilppadi Sevanam
      New Volunteers have to register on Sannadhasena portal and a provision to express willingness/interest to get involved for Vaathilppadi Sevanam is explicitly provided
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