I have been a part of Sannadhasena since its inception. I have done everything I could do as a volunteer like delivery of medicines, food, etc., to the needy. Sannadhasena is the best platform to help the community to overcome all crises.

Sreehari, Thiruvananthapuram

It gives me great pleasure to work for the community during lockdowns and whenever necessary. I was able to build a team of dedicated volunteers who would understand the needs and try to sort with better efficacy.

Lijo John, Kannur

I have been a Sannadhasena Volunteer since the start of Community Kitchens during the past lockdown. From there, I have been working with the Panchayat in diverse fields including Covid test duty, vaccination duty, etc. I was able to work with great responsibility for the recent elections and sensitise school children regarding Covid. Sannadhasena is the best platform to learn, help and coordinate.

Vijitha, Alappuzha

I feel proud to volunteer through Sannadhasena during these tough times. I was able to render services at CFLTCs that treat Covid patients. The training imparted by the district administration on disaster responsiveness was very helpful to work effectively and cater to the needs of people as a Community Volunteer. I would like to continue to serve our society as a Sannadhasena volunteer.

Arun Daniel, Alappuzha

Those 113 days of volunteering in medical college were moments of unwavering joy and pride in being able to serve and care for the needy in all possible means. Our society needs committed and altruistic young people who can work day and night. I assure you that I would be there on call to serve my fellow beings.

Shaheer Ali, Palakkad

I have been volunteering through Sannadhasena since its inception. In the beginning, a lot of people teased us about volunteering, but that didn't deter us. Today my efforts have been acknowledged and everyone recognizes me as a volunteer. I could serve the needy on call round the clock. Now I have a dignified position in society due to my selfless work and I owe this to the Sannadhsena Directorate.

Baveesh Mon N, Kozhikkode

It has been a great honour and privilege to lead ‘Karuthaam Vidyalayangale’ awareness campaign in Alappuzha about Covid protocol and guidelines to be observed in schools. The systematic training and instructions given by District Administration were instrumental in molding us for effective volunteering. Being a part of the social volunteer corps, I'm confident that I would continue to work for the welfare of society.

Arathy Sebastian, Alappuzha